Recipes for the eye and the soul as well as for the palate..

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God's Bounty

The newest of Katie's cookbooks, God's Bounty pairs recipes with a spiritual view of every aspect of life from birth, marriage and death, as well as the hills and valleys in between.


Chesapeake's Bounty

Recipes are elegant and easy and include everything from traditional steamed crabs to beef tenderloin with a unique bernaise sauce. Menus make for easy planning.


Chesapeake's Bounty II

This cookbook continues the tradition of providing elegant recipes from the Chesapeake region for family and friends, for a cocktail party, a Sunday Brunch, to a five or six course dinner.


New England's Bounty

These New England recipes feature fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits and are designed for many different occasions.


Nantucket's Bounty

Recipes include those from the earliest Native Americans to the modern day and offer plenty of reasons to cook and enjoy the flavors of a variety of cultures.


Guidebook: Western Shore of MD

This is the only guidebook for the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. It has descriptions of the various towns and cities, including Annapolis and Baltimore, as well as the history, lodging, dining, and yachting activities in the area.


Guidebook: Eastern Shore of MD

Find information on the history, shopping, dining, and lodging as well as a complete description of each city, town, and village. It is the best guide for the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay you can find.